What is Cryptojacking? How it Works and How to Prevent It?




   Cryptojacking has transformed into a famous route for criminals and bad actors to extract money in the form of cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking is a sort of cyber attack in which a programmer illegally seize a target's computational power with a goal to mine cryptocurrency for the programmer’s benefit. Cryptojacking adopts an alternative strategy, misusing the victim's devices to mine, making new tokens and creating fee and charges at the same time. These new tokens and fees are kept to wallets owned by the hacker, while the expenses of mining – power, wear and tear due to the overuse of computer etc. – are borne by the victim.


    Cryptojacking is an illegal use of another person's computer to mine cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking does not require any program to be installed for crypto mining. Hackers use JavaScript code to mine cryptocurrencies in light of the fact that JavaScript is the world’s most ubiquitous computing runtime also you don't have to download much else besides the website pages with JavaScript. It keeps running on each site you visit. You continue loading the pages and the mining code keeps running along. Cryptojacking code doesn't make any harm to the victim's data. Everything it does is stealing the CPU processing power for mining the cryptocurrencies. The victim witness with either the slower performance or delay in execution. This makes the victim clueless about the procedure occurring out of sight. Cryptojacking is becoming popular because it doesn’t require specialized skill, it is less expensive and more productive for a hacker. The crypto mining code runs secretly and the source cannot be easily traced

    Zcash and Monero happen to be few forms of cryptocurrencies that permit mining with CPU as they are privacy-focused, anonymous and difficult to track the illegal movement.




1. Block coin-mining domain in the host's file. By doing so your browser won't be able to connect to such domains that harm your system.

2.It is inevitable to maintain the browser extensions. Else, it is simple for an attacker to execute crypto mining. Installing No Coin Chrome extension is the safe and clear approach to stop crypto mining in a web browser. 

3. There is another open source tool called minerBlock, a popular chrome extension that is designed to detect and block crypto mining in the web browser.

4. Depending on your web browser, there is an Ad blocking extension available that can enable you to block cryptocurrency mining for eg. AdBlock

5. NoScript is a Firefox JavaScript blocking extension. This method helps you detect and get rid of mining cryptocurrency through a web browser.

6. Miners often change their tactics to avoid detections. A popular anti-malware chrome extension called Malwarebytes offer the best response for the miner ad-blocking protection.

    It is very hard to pronounce in this period of time that crypto-mining frenzy is coming to an end. Therefore stay yourself protected and use the tips discussed above. 




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