How to Issue and Revoke Document Using Blocktick SaaS


Blocktick is a document verification tool built-in EOS that mainly focuses on the issuance and verification of official certificates by making use of blockchain. The application is intended to solve the current issues of tampering, duplicating and faking of the official certificates validation process.

Blocktick allows managing both single certificates as well as a batch of certificates to be issued into the blockchain. The hashing mechanisms provision with adding all the certificates from an academic cohort using one single hash, thus reducing the cost of the transactions, as well as simplifying the work of the issuer.

The blocktick application works on CSV data. Making use of the highly customizable CSV schema, the user can export their batch of data from different sources, say database or spreadsheet into the CSV format.

Please refer to how to Add Document Templates in Blocktick SaaS before reading this document. After the successful creation of the template now the user can start editing the template.

For editing the template the users need to click on the edit template button.


On clicking the edit template design, users will be taken to the next page.


Here users/Issuers are allowed to create new templates. On step 1 user can select a document model that they wish to edit after selecting the correct document model. Now the user can move to step 2 where the user is given 3 template options one can choose any of the three available template designs and move to the next step that is step 3 and click on edit template.

On clicking the edit template, a new page will display and allow the users to edit the template according to their required document structure.


Here the user can place each tag according to the required document template after creating the template the user can save that for later use and issue documents. 

After editing the template, the issuer can go to the issue document section and by selecting the CSV  with matching template one can issue documents.


Suppose if the user wants to update the data of the certificate owner or need to change the user details of the certificate owner then the issuer can revoke the certificate of the particular certificate owner and can issue a new document to blocktick. For that, the issuer can choose to search the user tile from the dashboard.


On clicking the search user the issuer is taken to the search user page where the issuer is able to search users.


For example, the issuer searches for an employee named ‘Joe’ and on selecting the issuer will get two options one for viewing the issued document and another button for revoking the particular document. Via clicking, the revoke process will start thus revoke the document successfully.

The issue and revoke of the certificate can be done from the issuer dashboard and the process of verification will be explained in the coming blogs.



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