Introduction to Ethereum Truffle

Following bitcoin, ethereum is considered as the most influential and inevitable blockchain platform in the cryptographic world. The ethereum blockchain is considered the next level from the challenges met by the bitcoin blockchain. The main attractive feature depicts by the ethereum blockchain is the introduction of smart contract feature. The smart contract paves a new path to the entire software development field. Blockchain development came up with the introduction of smart contract in ethereum. The main problem faced by blockchain developers during the initial stage was the difficulty of organizing and executing smart contract. Compared to the normal development method, integration smart contract with blockchain was more difficult than ever.
The blockchain development was troublesome in the initial stages and there were no developer-friendly tools available out there. The primary concern faced by them was managing the blockchain network as well as developing smart contract and integrating the blockchain API with the traditional software architecture. Most of the integration and smart contract deployment was a time-consuming process.
In order to meet a certain standard, the blockchain development tool called “ethereum truffle” was introduced. In the beginning, everyone got confused regarding the management of truffle but it had proved out to be much efficient and easy for blockchain developers.
The ethereum truffle got a lot of community support within no-time and truffle provided a simple graphical user interface that can manage the ethereum mainnet as well as a bunch of testnet and also provides a solidity language supported integrated development environments.
The management of smart contract, key pairs, and blockchain deployment become easier than ever before. Truffle is been a favorite tool of ethereum developers since its invention. It has taken part in a major role in blockchain development. The ethereum development can be made easy through the  truffle suite

Truffle suite:
The truffle suite has many functional components including wallet management(which stores public/private key pairs). The storage of public/private key pair was not only the limitation but more than that tracking the real-time blockchain pushing was the main feature of ethereum truffle.
Advantages of ethereum truffle:

  • Life cycle management of smart contract
  • Automatic contract testing
  • Advanced wallet management
  • Support of eternal wallet system
 Thus ethereum truffle is more compatible with blockchain developers other than any developing platform. Truffle suite is more convenient in nature because of its advancement in plugin support and simplicity in switching the options which are arranged through tabs.
Truffle suite became rated as a widely used developer-friendly graphical user interface. The smart contract integration allows the developer to easily access third-party wallets like metamask, scatter, etc.. The smart contract kit allows the developer, import necessary coding extension easily and also support multiple third-party server languages

It is a world-class development environment and testing framework for the ethereum development where it is actually backed by Ethereum Virtual Machine, aiming to make ease in the development life-cycle of ethereum decentralized applications.
If the truffle suite tells you, that it takes care of everything from the scratch for an ethereum powered decentralized application, it really means that by taking care of the UI/UX side with the help of a drizzle suite.



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