Getting Started To Jungle Testnet

JUNGLE TESTNET is an online platform exclusively created for EOS blockchain technology enthusiasts.
The platform is a trial version of the EOS Mainnet and it provides real-time experience for all people who are looking for Miannet eos deployment.

Install EOS

1. Create a directory
mkdir /home/eos-v1.0  
2. Get into that directory
 cd /home/eos-v1.0  
3. clone the EOS files from Github into the directory
 git clone --recursive
4. Get into EOS and update the version    
 	cd eos 
  git checkout v1.0.5  
  git submodule update --init --recursive   
5. Now build the setup
 ./ -s EOS

Configuring Node
1. First Create the data-dir folder for your node
mkdir /opt/JungleTestnet	    
 2.Get into the folder and clone all files from this repo:   
 	cd /opt/JungleTestnet
  git clone ./
 3.add execution rights
 	chmod -R 777 ./*.sh   
  chmod -R 777 ./Wallet/*.sh
* If you use different data-dir folders ->

- edit all paths in files,,, config.ini in folder  JungleTestnet.

- edit all paths in files, in folder JungleTestnet/wallet

4. Edit in config.ini following parameters:
server address: p2p-server-address = YOUR_NODE_IP_ADDRESS:9876
replace p2p-peer-address list with fresh generated on monitor site:
5. Connect your node, run
 cd /opt/JungleTestnet
- First, run should be with
./ --delete-all-blocks and --genesis-json
- you can check the link to know how is your node doing
- Next time while running the node you only need
6. Create your wallet
cd /opt/JungleTestnet
./ wallet create -n <YOUR_WALLET_NAME>
- remember the password, later used for unlocking the  wallet

- Unlock your wallet
  ./ wallet unlock -n <YOUR_WALLET_NAME>
-  Import your key
 ./ wallet -n <YOUR_WALLET_NAME> import <YOUR_PRIVKEY>
7. To stop your node
 cd /opt/JungleTestnet

- If you are not following this directory, then you need to change the directory in all
    different files in order to start the node as well as the wallet 
- In config.ini replace the p2p-peer-address list with freshly generated on monitor site:
- It might take several hours to connect your node with the testnet initially. So be cool.
- Once you start your node, You need to remove the file in the directory to start your node for the next time.
    Like-vice you need to remove in the wallet folder to start your wallet the next time.



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