Get Started with Blockchain Development

Blockchain is no more a new topic. Many industries have started using the distributed ledger technology in their business places.
Be it
6. Music Industry, etc...

No matter what, blockchain has almost stepped into the landscape all these industries. The industries are using the distributed ledger technology for their several business operations such as document verification, making payments, asset management and many others. The blockchain anchored business functions keep differing from one industry to another. 

Why blockchain has become the prominent and favorite choice of many is its decentralized architecture. Right from offering a decentralized entity management to a secure data storage medium, blockchain technology offers all that a traditional business set-up lacked with. Building a better trust system via improving the transparency, was an additional benefit brought in by the blockchain technology.

How to get started with Blockchain Development?
The key qualities required for a blockchain developer is the enthusiasm towards new technologies. The developers should be up to date with new technologies emerging every point of time.

We can divide it into 3 parts
> Beginners guide
> For experts
> Supporting technologies

Beginners guide
Before going for development, you should have a thorough knowledge of blockchain concepts. For that, I would like to suggest a checklist of blockchain concepts, so that you can study it individually or find a blockchain course that covers these concepts.

1. Decentralized networks
2. Distributed networks
3. Understanding of cryptography algorithms
4. Cryptocurrency
5. Consensus algorithms
6. Mining
7. Types of the blockchain(private, public, consortium)
8. Smart contract

You can either choose to study each of these individually or you can find any blockchain course available on the internet. But make sure, all these concepts are included in that course. We provide such a course for absolute beginners, Blockchain Course

For experts
Apart from this, if you would like to know more about the blockchain and want to become a blockchain expert, you should definitely study a lot more things.

1. A deep understanding of how a bitcoin blockchain works. I would personally suggest a blockchain course from Princeton University. It should cover all blockchain concepts from scratch.
2. A good programming skill. As for everything, good programming skill is a must.
3. Hands-on C++, Java, Python and Go
4. Should have a basic understanding of different blockchains ethereum, EOS, hyperledger projects, etc.
5. Since major developments are going to happen on the private blockchain, you should have a better understanding of private blockchains like hyperledger fabric, Corda, etc.
6. Since bitcoin is the first blockchain, it is better to start with bitcoin. Read its whitepaper. It is very small compared to the whitepapers of other blockchains.
7. Read whitepapers of ethereum, EOS.
8. Check the source code and its coding pattern.

Supporting technologies
Blockchain in its core idea is basically a database. But in a real-world project, a database is not enough to build the entire project. There must have knowledge of other supporting technologies.

Since most blockchain platforms are developed in C++, the best way to connect your blockchain with the user is through REST API. So developers should know about its basics.

2. GIT
Most of the blockchain platforms are open-sourced and available in public git repositories. The developer should have a good understanding of git and its workflow.

3. Node js
Angular or any other front-end framework.

The blockchain is still in its infancy and several blockchain platforms, tools, and frameworks are developed every day. The most important thing to sustain in blockchain development is to remain abreast with the latest and emerging changes in the technology of blockchain. 



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