Ethereum vs Solidity

The term blockchain became a prominent one in the technology industry, the new words like ethereum, wallet, solidity also became famous. Among those new words, two words were mainly focused on blockchain developers. The born blockchain developers started to chase around the exact relationship between ethereum and solidity. A majority of people often confuse between these two words, and they have hard to find how these two words are dependent on each other. Ethereum is considered the most accepted blockchain platform after bitcoin, it is because ethereum put forward a new feature in the blockchain sector which is called ‘smart contract’, that allows the users to interact with the blockchain. After ethereum blockchain, many other blockchains come up with smart contract technology. But they all used an existing programming language. In order to write them, where ethereum opt-out for a new change, it has introduced a new programming language called “solidity”.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum was a hot favorite topic in the blockchain space after bitcoin launch. The reason for ethereum getting wide appreciation because it had introduced a new advanced feature that created a new path for blockchain developers.The ‘smart contract’ which is nothing but a set of codes which helps developers to easily interact with ethereum blockchain for different business use-cases. This feature also introduced a new development sector in the software development field which is called ‘blockchain development’. 

The ethereum blockchain was introduced for the public as well as private use-cases. It really takes care of the organizational demand in a private blockchain. The ethereum consumes an inbuilt cryptocurrency named “ether” as its transaction fuel. The ether will flow through the entire blockchain based on the blockchain key pair action.

Advantages of ethereum:

  • Its the first smart contract enabled blockchain
  • Solidity is the programming language for ethereum
  • Ethereum was the first blockchain introduced which smart contract
  • Ethereum can customize for enterprise applications
What is solidity?

The word solidity was introduced recently by the ethereum blockchain. It is a  programming language. It is used as a programming language for ethereum smart contracts. The solidity programming language was introduced by ethereum for blockchain developers who can compile and execute smart contracts in a new language. The solidity is the combination of javascript and Cpp. The ethereum foundation has also introduced an online solidity testing platform called remix, where compilation and execution of smart contracts in test net is possible.

The relation between ethereum and solidity:

  • Solidity is a programming language used for ethereum smart contracts
  • Solidity coded smart contracts are used for decentralized applications
  • Solidity act as the medium between blockchain and end-user
  • The solidity enabled API is the only way to interact with ethereum blockchain
Thus the solidity and ethereum are mutually dependent on each other, the solidity can be used to create API for a decentralized application running through the ethereum blockchain. The solidity issued to create the necessary action for each and every transaction executed through the blockchain. The runtime environment for checking the solidity code of etherum smart contract link is given below



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