Blocktick - The Blockchain Powered Document Verifying Application

With the dawn of Blockchain technology, at once the future was redefined like never before. At the time when Cybersecurity was a blatant lie, blockchain technology gave way for a novel idea that ensured transparency, trustworthiness, detection, and elimination of any fraudulent practice in online data transactions. Simply put, blockchain is a back to back connected data packs distributed vastly over different databases around the world. Each of these individual blocks is time-stamped with the date of its creation and any manipulation of its content is only possible by altering all the sequentially connected blocks. Since each block is owned by different individuals who necessarily don’t know each other, manipulation of each block’s content is almost impossible. This whole idea was proposed back in the 1990s but the practical implementation came only in 2009 with the invention of bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto. The decentralized state or the lack of any ‘single authority’  is the highlight of blockchain, which in turn makes it super trustworthy and transparent.

Wielding a sceptre like this, its possibilities are enormous that it could be applied to literally anything. With document forgery becoming a major issue, an efficient means of document verification is the necessity of the time. The problem with the already existing document verification service is that it consumes a lot of time. Sometimes it may take like, days to check the genuinity of a document as the service provider would have to go through tons of documents. 

Blocktick, the blockchain-based document verification application is the newest piece of innovation. Making use of the facilities provided by the blockchain technology and entirely run on the EOS blockchain platform, Blocktick is the most efficient tool for issuing and verifying document.

Why Blocktick?

Like mentioned before the existing document verification services have a lot of setbacks. When it comes to Blocktick, every issue regarding this process is rectified. The verification time is brought down from days to seconds, thanks to its superfast data processing capability. Blocktick can go through millions of documents, effectively within seconds. With Blocktick, one doesn’t need to depend on a third party, as the verification process is independent and void of any intermediary involvement. 

With Blocktick, institutions can issue new certificates that are literally impossible to tamper with. The intricate cryptography for storing data in the blockchain is impenetrable and provides high-level security as there is no way to hack it. The whole process of certification is tiring as the authority has to go through a lot of paperback data manually for every individual candidate. But with Blocktick, everything is made simple. The paper works are minimized as there is provision for digital documentation. 

Blocktick has a highly User-Friendly Interphase, eliminating any hardships in configuration and the operation of the application. In Blocktick, the ownership of the certificate is provided. The information regarding the issuer of the certificate & the accessibility is documented and enlisted.

One can access services provided by Blocktick from anywhere with an internet connection. There are two choices to avail Blocktick services, either by purchasing the application which provides the client, entire access and ownership or availing the SaaS (software as a service) online application. Blocktick provisions easy sharing and verification. The integrated issuing and verification portals make it easily manageable. Payment policy for Blocktick is monthly based and one only needs to pay for only the transactions made, which helps a lot in avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Blocktick being a highly useful tool for institutions issuing important documents and certificates like Academic documents, Identity certificates, admit cards, etc. the efficiency with which all these tasks are executed makes it a futuristic device. World reaching heights with the help of digitalization of various industries, with Blocktick one becomes updated and competent. 



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