Introduction to Blocktick - Blockchain Document Verification System

Immutable property of blockchain has given leverage to the latest technological innovations. Blockchain has created a wide opportunity for researchers and developers. After several research in the blockchain fields, we ultimately build a platform to prove the proof of the existence of digital records. 

The blocktick can be called as a  digital platform for issuing digital documents to the blockchain, that allows the end user to verify documents through the proof of existence via initiating a transaction in the blockchain.

The blocktick helps to issue your documents into blockchain and allow anyone to verify the documents from anywhere in the world. Mainly blocktick uses the cryptography hash value to store the transaction into blockchain. Data and transaction are immutable in blocktick. This dapp uses a powerful EOS blockchain to do its transaction.

As priorly mentioned, blocktick is a platform that allows individuals to issue digital documents to blockchain and verify them using blocktick’s web portal. 

blockchain document verification

The blocktick work as two sessions:

One session allows the end user to issue digitally owned documents into the blockchain using dapp (Decentralize App) and the other session initiates verification process- blocktick provides a platform to verify the digital document which is issued by dapp.

Why Blocktick?


1. Provide Ownership
blocktick uses blockchain technology to certify document ownership. The application authorizes you the complete ownership of certifying the digital documents.  

2. Fully Interoperable
blocktick independently issues and verifies records with no middlemen or intermediaries. Strong cryptography and blockchain help in delivering tamper-proof certificates.

3. Global Verification
With blocktick, the end user can independently access and verify their records from anywhere in the world. No matter your data is spread internationally across any organization.

4. Digitized Process
blocktick reduces paper works in certification processes. It eases everything via digital communication leveraging blockchain.  Any tampering on the document is easily traced and examined.

5. Easily Shareable
No woes if you want to share your data beyond country borders. blocktick helps you in easy sharing of your documents and verify them for a lifetime.

6. Direct Communication
blocktick allows users to independently verify their digital documents any time, from anywhere without relying on any third party authentication.

7. Powered by Blockchain
Placing a document on a blockchain network, it isn't the computerized duplicate, yet rather a cryptographic duplicate that is put away. 

The major applications and usage of blocktick

1. Academic Credits
The blocktick rightly establish authenticity to you academic credentials. The application makes your own and share your academic credentials unchanged without any third-party intervention. Be it the school, college or university, The blocktick gets you with instant verification of academic credentials via leveraging blockchain based document verification process. One can own and share the academic credentials which are authentic, unchanged, and valid. 

2. Identity Certificates
The weak ID systems are always prone to economic and social disabilities. The fake or forged certificates often claim lives by keeping them deprived or limited to their basic economic rights. Across the globe, most agencies demand for proof of identity in the provision of their services, and one lacking the valid certifications and documentations face enormous barriers in accessing the benefits.

With all public and private services getting digitized and accessed through secure digital identities, the blocktick leverage blockchain technology to instantly verify the authenticity and ownership of these digital records. The app instantly verifies and issues ID cards, passport, driving license, employee verification certificate, more and help in availing the basic rights of individuals. The distributed ledger technology provides individuals more control over their own data. And the advanced encryption technology eliminates falsifying or duplications, thus delivering the proof of authenticity and ownership of digital ID cards. 

3. Land Titles  
Flawed paperwork, forged signatures, and foreclosure defects are the common headaches to any land dealers or residential mortgage holder. The mortgage documents have surpassed and marred the proper documentation of property ownership, always keeping the transactions under dark.

The blocktick comes with A solution of offering the proof of property ownership via using the blockchain based document verification system. The distributed ledger technology acts as a robust interface to fight to tamper of land titles. Here the end user can add and store all pertinent land details. And any future additions to the database shall be digitally signed, making it clear who made what changes. the blocktick maintains a clear history of modifications keeping the platform transparent and reliant. The app verifies and authenticates the land deed you are involved with and secure the land rights to yourself eliminating the intervention of fraudsters.

4. Notary Certifications
Proving the existence of data at a certain point in time can be very useful for educators, entrepreneurs, and attorneys. Time stamping data in an unalterable state while maintaining confidentiality is perfect for legal applications. Attorneys can use it to prove the existence of many documents including a will, deed, power of attorney, health care directive, promissory note, satisfaction of a promissory note, and so on without disclosing the contents of the document. 

The blocktick provisions the individual to use the blockchain based document verification to prove that a document (like a will) they will be presenting to a court in the future is the same unaltered document that was presented to the blockchain at a prior point in time.

An Overview of Blocktick - Blockchain Based Document Verification 



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