Blockchain in Gaming Industry

Blockchain for gaming stills remains anonymous as we haven’t been discussing the topic so widely. Till date, the studies and research conducted in blockchain mainly focused on how it underpins cryptocurrencies and how it’s deployment transform various industries including public and private sector. 

Blockchain in gaming has never been put in the first place nor widely discussed by the tech giants. However, they ‘are arguably a state of the field to keenly look into, as blockchain promises with a massive scale database with immense potential. 

So how it works in the gaming sector?

According to the enthusiasts who already dug this part, they proclaim a variety of blockchain application models in video gaming. They say Bitcoin technology could be implemented in place to manage in-game currency accounts. In case, if a player wins certain rounds of the game or successfully progress the levels in the game, the accolades can be in the form of cryptocurrencies. They can be rewarded with bitcoins or other crypto coins replacing the heritage coins, gems or other glossy collectibles. Blockchain technology could be effectively used as the backbone of the in-game account function.

One of the apparent benefits of enforcing crypto coins in place of traditional rewards is that cryptocurrencies ensure with a fast and secure payment network. This can be thus effectively utilized for generating native in-game tokens assuring seamless mode of the transaction on decentralized exchanges. Platforms like OpenSea enables users to pay for virtual collectibles utilizing Ether, while other decentralized trades, for example, Wax empowers users to pay in the local WAX token. The enjin platform further enables tech experts to manufacture fungible in-game digital monetary forms and resources as a part of the ecosystem.

Isn’t it that thoughtful? This can be a gimmick and can lure many into play.

However, don’t think this is the end of blockchain application in gaming industry. To many, there exists a notion that if you strip off the cryptocurrency element in gaming, there is nothing left to offer. However, this is not true. We know that craziness spreads like a wildfire. If a game gets hit, soon the demand for its attributes like weapons, characters upsurge in the market. The customer orders get piled up in minutes. 

Here comes the secondary and most exciting application of blockchain technology in gaming. Blockchain could be utilized to conduct the trading and usage of in-game resources and characters. Enforcing blockchain technology to the trading of characters and other augmentations can truly enhance the level of transparency, authenticity, and reliability of the transactions. Blockchain can curb the data tampering of current and past transactions, closing all doors of cheating within trading and transfers. 

Right from monetizing the in-game resources and characters, to the offering of decentralized asset exchange, further settling fast and secure transaction networks, the blockchain can truly transform and rule the gaming sector via its valuable contributes. It can perform the role of a potentially valuable tool eradicating all traditional hurdles.  

The early footprints of blockchain gaming were in breeding digital cats (crypto kitties) and digital casinos. However now, the game producers are expanding their visionary keep in the note of the benefit from decentralization or lack of centralized control in gaming.

As games have turned out to be more multiplayer and co-employable, there has been in significant focus on the elements such as fairness and trust in the play. It is quite natural to occur the issues of fairness and trust where there is an interplay of a huge number of individuals (players) from a wide range of worldwide society. The centralized control can often end up oppressive and discriminatory. Particularly those that go into the class of MMO (massively multiplayer online game) where character's symbols become augmentations of themselves, here the factors such as fairness and trust matters a lot. However, the decentralization property of #blockchain can wind up all these distress, staging clarity 

Utilizing blockchain technology, the game producers can offer players a world with no cosmetics of centralized controlling. A space with no central servers or central authority. Blockchain can provide a world of fairness making players in charge of everything, no more being tied with any rules. 
This advanced level of gaming experience, with a blockchain spine, will begin to push the limits of gaming much further as the decentralized aspect will give players, the dimension of fairness and inclusivity they pine for. The additional incentives like mining and digital currency are like icing on the cake.

Gimmick or necessary step?

Whenever blockchain innovation is connected to an industry sector, there arises a contradiction over gimmicky utilization of the technology vs its essential positive development. Prevalently, in the gaming space, it is the decentralization and crypto incentives that are questioned about. 

One could then contend that it is after all only a game, and the requirement for decentralization makes it simpler to run and control a game. This game utilizing the #blockchaintechnology can offer its players a world with no central servers and no central authority. As said forth, players are responsible for everything, and the open source blockchain framework gives a reasonable situation which averts any tricking.



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