Fusion of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain innovation is the hottest and debated topic of the town. Not just that it brought alive the span of cryptocurrencies( the cryptographic forms of money) but also made its significant impact in different ventures like health care, automobiles, supply chain, education, training, web-based business, and media. Today the blockchain stand tall amongst the top technical innovations and other game-changing applications. Currently, the tech giants are keenly working on the concept of blending blockchain with artificial intelligence.

 Isn’t it interesting? Huh?

Artificial intelligence itself is a breathtaking concept, where the technology comprehends very human actions via implying intelligence.  We as a whole realize that machines and computers are duds until the humans incite them with programming to make them act according to our instructions. Artificial Intelligence is one such science where the machines are made to act like people and take free choices in specific circumstances. This reproduction of knowledge in machines is made conceivable by a mix of various procedures. 

Under Artificial Intelligence, the large voluminous measure of data is gathered and examined to see the most ideal result for a specific errand. Later the calculation is then created dependent on the forecasts, results, and recognizable pieces of proof. 

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence has a plethora of scope and discovers its applications in practically all circles of life from driverless vehicles to speech recognition. So the following question is, how do the artificial intelligence and blockchain supplement one another?

 Artificial intelligence and blockchain are extremely opposite to each other. Blockchain and artificial intelligence are two different domains that work completely different. Artificial intelligence runs on putting machines that work on intelligence, complementing every task that requires human intelligence. 

On the other hand, blockchain envisions in distributing and transacting data as distributed ledgers. The blockchain is all about filing the digital information in a decentralized and distributed ledger platform for facilitating varied applications. It’s well understood from the above that the concept- blockchain and artificial intelligence are two opposite poles that remain in contrast.  

Where the artificial intelligence works in a centralized fashion, the blockchain technology infuses decentralization. Secondly, the outcomes of artificial intelligence are based on the probability or the likelihood, whereas blockchains outcome strongly adheres to transparency. Data cannot tamper in a blockchain as it is cryptographically signed. Therefore the information on a blockchain remains secured and immutable. The majority of the information in the blockchain record is time stamped. 

Though the blockchain and Artificial Intelligence stand apart and contrast, it is proved that they can commonly help each other in bringing improvements to the actions laid. Here, in this blog, we investigate how blockchain innovation can encourage artificial intelligence. 

Blockchain for data auditing
AI or the artificial intelligence implies black box (a complex set of calculations and algorithms that chooses the yield for given info) to distinguish any patterns or trends. This makes it troublesome for the humans to monitor the micro-choices taken by the artificial intelligence in yielding results.

The major challenge here is the accountability of the AI black box. There are worries among the community over the tampering or the alterations happening to the discovery calculations for the given input which eventually reflects in the output generated. The concern is the alternations can influence the future game-plan. This challenge can be easily comprehended by the blockchain innovation. The trust factor can be assured via implementing robust auditing of these calculations utilizing the blockchain. Blockchain in Artificial Intelligence can thus help in enhancing the credibility of the business organizations and also upholding the reliability of the information. 

Blockchain for information viability 
Artificial Intelligence relies on accurate information to perform its calculation and later deriving the ultimate result. The implementation of blockchain in Artificial Intelligence thus can help in keeping the information secure and safe from altering. As the data on blockchain are encrypted, they cannot be modified or changed at any cost. This safe information implies better simulated artificial intelligence models and better outcomes. 
With unmistakably sorted information, blockchain empowers the new commercial centers for transparent information exchange. In this manner, one can establish wider data viability to the performing action.  

Blockchain for more extensive information openness 
Man-made consciousness is reliant on information. However, at this point, just a couple of huge organizations like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook can get to their information. This information isn't accessible to the outside world. In the blockchain, it is a shared association, a peer to peer connection making the information accessible on each system, ensuring more extensiveness and easiness in accessing the information.
Blockchain for better information management
Artificial intelligence keeps running on the idea of an incorporated or centralized database. In this case, if there comes an occurrence of a mishap, there are chances that the information gets lost, changed, or undermined. 

If we integrate blockchain and artificial intelligence together, this concern can be ruled out. Under blockchain technology, the data remains decentralized, it is stored within different nodes or say different computers. This guarantees that your information is safe and unaltered. 
In addition, the information is time-stamped and composed in the sequential request, making recuperation less demanding and exact. 

In short, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence together can bring in many wonders like making the Artificial Intelligence decision easier to comprehend, making the data management simpler and secured, offering wider access to the data thereby enhancing the transparency of the proceedings. As you dive deeper into the concept you can dig in more extensiveness of the blockchain in artificial intelligence.

Blockchain and artificial intelligence are progressive ideas that can possibly be a path- breakers when consolidated together. The two together can improve the capacities of one another so that they offer open doors for better results and responsibility.

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