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Blockchain Application for Document Verification

Blockchain document verification is yet another innovation that soon got viral and spread like a wildfire. It did not take much time for the blockchain technology to prove its significance in eradicating the fake certifications or documentation.

How to Secure IoT Devices with Blockchain

This blog tries to gain an understanding of how blockchain technology can secure IoT devices. Blockchain innovation has seen expanding in recent times. It got valued by people for its cryptographic framework proving several advantages to the business

How to Deploy Multi-organization Hyperledger Fabric Network from Scratch

Hyperledger is always taken for discussions by the tech giants and blockchain enthusiasts. The open-source collaborative effort initiated by Linux Foundation aims to improvise blockchain technologies

Blockchain in Waste Management

Blockchain-based waste management ensures that wastes are disposed of properly. With blockchain it can be made easier the transportation of waste from end to another.

Blockchain in Cyber Security

Blockchain is considered as today’s security for the cyber world, still the critics are into exploring its scalability and sustainability