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Blocktick - The Blockchain Powered Document Verifying Application

Blocktick has a highly User-Friendly Interphase, eliminating any hardships in configuration and the operation of the application. In Blocktick, the ownership of the certificate is provided

What is Decentralized Finance ( DeFi )

Defi is also is known as decentralized finance which leverages existing blockchain technology into a decentralized micropayment platform without any intermediaries

Security and Privacy with Blockchain

The fundamental security properties of blockchain originate from both bitcoin architecture and cryptography advances. the proficiency of the cryptographic chain of blocks was advanced giving birth to various inborn security qualities.

What is Hyperledger Indy

Hyperledger Indy is one of the blockchain projects carried out by the Hyperledger platform powered by the Linux Foundation. It’s mainly a collection of projects made for decentralized identity and also a privatized distributed ledger

Blockchain in Telecom Industry

Much like any other business model, blockchain in telecom also should take the time to investigate how blockchain applications can disrupt the core and adjacent business operations and business functions of the telecom industry.