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Sharing Documents with Users using Blocktick

The blog explains how to share a document with the users using a blockchain document verification application - blocktick. Blocktick workflow is explained

How to Install Web3js and Use Ethereum dApp

The blog explains on how to install web3js and use ethereum dapp. After installing we can create a web3 instance and can set the service provider

Ethereum vs Solidity

The blog explains the exact relationship between ethereum and solidity. Ethereum is a blockchain platform where solidity is a programming language

Introduction to Ethereum Truffle

The ethereum truffle got a lot of community support within no-time and truffle provided a simple GUI. The blog Advantages of ethereum truffle.

Can Blockchain Revolutionize the Digital Signage Industry

Digital signage is such an industry where we can use physical asset ownership as the base to record and securely monitor transactions and digitally record that transaction.