Today fake documents are large in number and they precisely look like the originals. It is cumbersome for the layman to identify real and duplicate.

Reliable, Transparent and Immune to alterations, Blockchain Experts offers a complete system to instantly verify your official documents and records. Blockchain Experts lay platform to instantly verify documents from anywhere using the encrypted assets. Blockchain Expert empower the end user via making them the curator of their own credentials. Blockchain Expert make document verification simpler and hassle-free.

Be Confident with Blockchain powered document verification process.


Blockchain Experts maximize the value of your digital records via secure and tamper proof verification treatments.

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Save Expenditure
  • Immune to Threat
  • Quick Service
  • Provide Ownership
  • Easily Shareable
  • Fully Interoperable

Why Blockchain Experts?

Blockchain Experts provides a complete blockchain powered document verification system that helps in issuing and verifying all kinds of certificates in the blockchain including credentials, admit cards, certificates, civic records, badges and more. Blockchain Experts help recipients to prove their ownership.

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    No middlemen involved in the process of verifying certificates.

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    Empower recipient with records that can be instantly verified from anywhere.

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    Easy sharing of verified documents via online platforms.

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    Tamper proof certificates cryptographically signed by issuer.

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    Document in unforgeable format maximizing its value and credibility

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    High end privacy as only essential crypto materials are stored in blockchain, not the entire document.

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    Drafting own certificate template with custom fields.

  • Certificate verificationt 1

    Implementation in public blockchain like Ethereum, Bitcoin or EOS.

Get. Set. Go with Blockchain Experts in four steps

  1. Create your own document template or select any from our provided templates.

  2. Populate the template with data using our stand-alone software.

  3. Sign your document and issue them in blockchain.

  4. Dispatch your documents across recipients.

Our Services


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Document Verification

The blockchain-anchored system to instantly verify every official records like school /college certificates, academic credentials, admit cards, civic records or professional certificates. Every data important to your organization is made tamper-proof and globally shareable.